Beyond the Rainbow Foundation is established in Jan, 2014. Over 20 years since Korean LGBTIQ movement has started,

Beyond the Rainbow Foundation is the first LGBTIQ foundation in Korea. We aim to 5 needs for share


1. Supporting the variety, small but meaningful, brilliant, based on district LGBTIQ movement and research.

2. Encompassing the every member like family, friends of LGBTIQ who are trying to support the LGBTIQ human rights.

3. By Fundraising and distribution, support the LGBTIQ organization and individual activists.

4. Practicing for organizing by reporting the importance of donation within the LGBTIQ community and public

5. Providing the social safety net public service by paying attention to ordinary life of LGBTIQ which is difficult of prejudice and discrimination at the home, school, office, hospital, military service and government office.

Beyond the Rainbow Foundation works variously about fundrasing, supporting, own business and etc.


You can donate as you want like regular donation, special donation, donation with stories, group donation, charitable donation, enterprise contribution and etc. supporting distributes various issues annually. you can read supporting programme at the supporting section in website.


Beside the fundrasing and support, foundation runs making LGBTIQ friendly medical network.


Foundation has 2 attached institution


1. Various counselling Center - counselling for LGBTIQ and their friend &family(http://878878.net)


2. Queer Archive Queerock - Only LGBTIQ archive in Korea(http://queerarchive.org)



Board members

Seunghyun, Lee: Chairman of the board / member of Korean Society of Law and Policy on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Chaeyoon, Han: executive director / activist of Korea Sexual-minority Culture and Rights Center, Korean queer festival organizer

Sungjun, Park: CEO of LGBT Korea(ivancity.com) / Korean queer festival organizer

Byun Chun: LGBTQ+ Cartoonist / Movie Director

Seunghan, Rhie: Columnist

Jun: Reporter / Former Board member of Our Little Siblings

Sunae, Hwang: Board member of Parents and Families of LGBTAIQ People in Korea

Heejung: Social worker


Donation account: 1005-502-576259(Wooribank, account holder: Beyond the Rainbow Foundation)


Contact : 82-2-322-9374, rainbowfoundation.co.kr@gmail.com